Dorkas Ministry

A hand of hope to the needy  

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About Us:

Dorkas Ministry is a ministry which carters for the Neglected and Abandoned Women, Girls, Widows, Single Mothers, Elderly people, Poor families and Vulnerable children like Parentless, Orphans, Abandoned, Disabled and Street Children. Dorcas was a woman who portrayed a wholesome picture of God’s grace and mercy in her life. Always bent towards the needs of others.  She was always busy giving clothing and garments she made to others in need.

Our heartbeat as Dorkas Ministry, is to serve God through helping others who are going through unfortunate circumstances, helping them alleviate pain by ministering to their physical and spiritual needs.

Our mission

is to create an environment where the love and compassion of Jesus Christ being ministered physically and spiritually to heal and restore the broken hearted like Dorcas did in Act 9:36.

Our Vision:

Is to reach out to those in need with God’s love and word.

We Believe:

We are called to bend towards the needs of others like James 1:27 says ‘‘Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and faultless is this, to Look after the Orphans and Widows in their distress……...’’.

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