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A hand of hope to the needy  

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What we do

We minister love and hope to the Neglected and Abandoned Women, Girls, Widows, Single Mothers, Elderly people, poor families and vulnerable children like parentless, orphans, abandoned, disabled and street children as you may see.

We bless widows who lost their husbands due to war, HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other diseases. In some African traditions, when a husband dies, the husband's family takes the property and all other belongings away from the widow and her children, leaving them destitute as you may see the widow with her three children in the photo below.

She has nothing...Sleeps on a dirt floor in a rented house. A neighbor is letting her use his land to plant crops to feed her family. Her land was taken by her relatives. Really you cannot get your brain around this, it is very surreal. Many of the widows in Uganda, have fallen victim to this kind of property and land grabbing by their husband's family members.  They struggle each day just to feed their children.  Many of their children have ulcers as a result of not eating every day. The main challenges expressed by many widows are housing, school fees, feeding their children and medication. The truth is they struggle everyday just for survival. Dorkas Ministry is a blessing to them as you may see

We stand as we can and bless elderly people to know that God still cares about them. Some elderly lost all their children. Others were barren and others their relatives are too poor to take care of them. We found this old man sleeping under a tree as you may see.

Though we blessed him, it wasn’t enough to restore his hope as he sleeps under a tree.

But we have started raising money to build him a single room house because food blessing is not enough has he doesn’t have a house to sleep and we call upon you to join us in this campaign.

We renovate elderly people houses also. One day we escorted one of the orphan who came to receive a mattress as she didn’t come with her grandmother. But we got shocked after arriving home as you see the orphan posing in front of her grandmothers’ house. Really the hose was in bad condition which challenged us to renovate it. 

 After some days before we left the area, we went back to see how the house was renovated and to bless the old widow with some stuff as you may see the Dorkas Ministry team.

The house was renovated well. The orphan and widows’ hope was restored again. Glory to God.

Dorkas Ministry supports needy children education through Dorkas Ministry sponsorship”. Despite government’s effort to enable every child access education through introducing universal primary education (UPE). Needy children in our communities mostly parentless, orphans, abandoned, disabled and children of poor families, fail to go to school and others to continue with education at all levels. This is because Many Parents, Guardians and Poor Families cannot afford scholastic materials such as uniforms, books, pencils and other necessities like sanitary pads for girls. Many girls during their menstruation period use tree leaves, papers and others just leave the school until their menstruation end which leads them to bad performance, absenteeism in classes and to drop out of school. The reason why we called it Dorkas Ministry sponsorship is we don’t discriminate against religion, ethnicity or gender as we’re called to preach the Gospel to every creature. In Dorkas Ministry sponsorship we leave the children to stay with their guardians or parents and we stand with them in.

  1. Education, we give them school fees, school uniforms and school supplies.

We believe by giving needy children of our community access to education, we’re not to changing their lives only but also the community as well.

  1.  In Dorkas Ministry Sponsorship – We provide limited medical care for the Needy children and their guardians or parents. 

This we can save lives of Needy children and their guardians or parents at a small cost.  Imagine being a parent in a place where you realize your child is sick and will not be able to see a doctor tomorrow morning. single mothers, guardians and poor families has experienced that scary moment of realizing a child is sick and haven’t access of something as basic as Tylenol to bring down a child's fever. So we have been standing as we can for the Needy children and their guardians or parents to get medical care.

  1. We give needy children Basic Necessities – such as clothing, shoes, blankets and sanitary pads for girls.
  2. Family Support – As Dorkas Ministry Sponsorship is aimed at helping the Needy children, we also offer support to Needy children’s parents and guardians by engaging them in income generating projects, like modern Agricultural farming and livestock such as Pigs, Chicken etc to assist them in getting some income.

The reason why to engage them Income generating projects is to nurture the spirit of work in children.

The major problem facing Africa today is Africans were nurtured in the spirit of being given (begging spirit). It is not bad to be given but if a person gives you fish it is for one day but he who teaches you how to catch fish and gives you a hook, has given you fish forever. That was why we decided to nurture the spirit of working in Needy children’s parents and guardians through income generating projects which will help us to eradicate poverty from poor families.

For example, if we rear a nanny and Billy Goat or Sow and a Boer Pig they can give birth to young ones and we distribute them to other members and they multiply like that because A nanny can give birth to four kids a year and A sow can give birth to ten piglets which is 20 a year and it is very good multiplication of our supply to other Needy children’s parents and guardians.

We have empowered others also in poultry keeping project as seen in the below photo


We have empowered others to start up small business at their homes.

For example: This is Anne Namukisa; She is a single mother with two children, we stood with her to start up a small business of baking pan cakes as you see in the below photo.

We believe through collective effort, we will able to make a bigger difference to the lives of those who are experiencing difficulty in life. We are proud to have these ongoing projects:

In Dorkas Ministry, we do also Women conferences and workshops:

This is gives women an opportunity to make new friends, dig deep into God's Word, sing Him praises, build deeper connections with each other and pray also for each other’s needs.

Dorkas Ministry Footage