Dorkas Ministry

A hand of hope to the needy  

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Our ears are always open, and ready to hear from you. So if you have something to pass along, please speak up. Any comment or information about Dorkas Ministry should be addressed to the following address.

Margret Nakiwala

Director and Chairperson

Dorkas Ministry:

P.O.BOX 212 Nateete Uganda East Africa

Telephone: +256 778 082 704, +256 758 660 952

Ø FaceBook Page address:

dorkasmin directormag

Dorkasmin Directormag

And Whattsapp Number

+256 778 082 704
Email:  or   

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DORKAS MINISTRY is a grass-root non-profit Organization fully registered by the government of Uganda under Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network Ltd. Registration Certificate No: 80020000512511

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